Project category
Primary & Secondary Steel
Water Infrastructure
Ductile Iron Pipes
Throughput Improvement
Vertical : Primary & Secondary Steel

Sub-industry : Water Infrastructure

Product : Ductile Iron Pipes

Project category : Throughput Improvement


Tata Metaliks DI Pipes Limited is a leading manufacturer of Ductile Iron pipes in India having its manufacturing unit in Kharagpur.

Problem Context

Tata Metaliks DI Pipes division was underperforming and in need of an Operational Turnaround. The management involved LFC to improve throughput.

Thanks for your support in bringing back the lost individuality of many TMDIPL-ians, which is evident from the manner the business is being performed today

Sudhin Mitter
Chief Executive Officer, Tata Metaliks DI Pipes Limited, Kolkata

Services Offered

A throughput improvement program was executed in TMDIPL’s manufacturing unit in Kharagpur.

Key Levers for Improvements

A 4 - week comprehensive diagnosis was done to identify performance killers. This was followed by an implementation program. Following actions helped in improving the throughput:

  1. Planning systems were improved (Namely Scheduling, Guidelines and Protocols) to address coordination and communication losses.
  2. Reduced Cycle time delays by benchmarking with best industry practices.
  3. Short Interval Control was established to monitor 64 critical parameters for process control and Root Cause Analysis systems were introduced to address the issues.
  4. To address maintenance related problems, PM schedule was prepared, and Kaizens were carried out
  5. To overcome infrastructure constraints, Capex projects with clear ROI were defined.

Results Achieved

54% increase in average daily production for casting

25% increase in average production for Finishing

35% increase in Right First Time batches

50% reduction in MgT batch failures

25%-62% reduction in Change Over time

61% reduction in Break Downs

63% reduction in DN-100 rejections

57% reduction in average WIPs

At a Glance

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