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Stage of Project:

What kind of projects does LFC undertake?
We take up projects for Topline and Bottomline improvements through improvements in operational efficiencies within manufacturing and sales functions.
Which industries do LFC focused upon?
LFC is not restricted to any specific industry. We have extensive experience of improving sales and manufacturing productivity and cost reduction in Steel, Cement, Agri Distribution, Agri machinery, Textile manufacturing, Heavy Engineering and Precision Equipment, Power transmission and Distribution among others.
What is different about LFC?
We are focused on execution. 70-80% of the project is spent in actual execution.
We have seen the case studies. But can we also speak to those clients ourselves to understand the value addition of LFC?
In case of a specific request, LFC would be happy to help arrange a call/ meeting/ site visit from the relevant client(s).

Project Decision Making:

What is the fee structure of LFC?
There is a Fixed Fee and a Variable Fee. The fixed fee shall be based on the resourcing requirements basis the scope of the project, while the variable fee depends on the quantified benefits from the project. The total fee would be roughly split as 75% fixed and 25% variable fee though it could vary from project to project.

During Project:

LFC may have done work in businesses similar to ours but not exactly in ours. How do we know if you can achieve similar result with us?
LFC has a policy of not working for the direct competitors of our existing clients. Therefore by design we would most likely not have worked in exactly the same business as yours unless there is geographical separation between the clients. Our consultants are trained to understand the key performance drivers by involving the experienced client team and even industry experts where possible.
We also do a 1-2 week scoping to help you judge our capabilities and also understand the rough improvement potential to gauge the business case for going ahead with your decision.
Does LFC involve industry experts?
Every project is reviewed and guided by LFC’s board members consisting of business leaders with 20+ yrs each of successful experience in new ventures and turnarounds.

In addition, as and when needed we reach out to specific industry experts either through our own contacts or as suggested by the client.
What are the stages of the project?
There are 4 stages to the project: Diagnosis (6-8 weeks), Solution development (4-6 weeks), Implementation (4-8 weeks) and sustenance (8-12 Weeks)
What is the resourcing requirement for a typical project?
The resourcing requirement varies from project-to-project. Usually the consulting team consists of 1 Engagement Manager + 2 to 3 Associates/ Sr. Associates/ Analysts; From the client’s side there is a dedicated team of 2-5 full time through the project.

After Project:

What kind of involvement will the operating team and senior management have during the course of the project?
The operating team will be completely involved during the course of the project since execution is to be done by them so that their development and training can happen.
The management team is involved in a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis during performance/Steering Committee reviews.