Project category
Agri-input value chain
Hybrid Seeds
Wide Range of Row Crops and Vegetable Seeds
Sales Transformation
Vertical : Agri-input value chain

Sub-industry : Hybrid Seeds

Product : Wide Range of Row Crops and Vegetable Seeds

Project category : Sales Transformation


Mahyco is a pioneer of high quality hybrid and open pollinated seeds. Through the use of cutting edge technology and intensive research activities, Mahyco has revolutionized the agrarian face of the country.

Problem Context

The company has one of the most comprehensive product portfolios but there is scope to improve frontline sales teams’ productivity. The client decided to clearly define an operating system that would help improve the sales teams’ productivity and effectiveness with the help of LFC.

Services Offered

A Sales Transformation program was undertaken in pilot regions to demonstrate the new operating system for the frontline sales team.

Key Levers for Improvements

  1. Sales Planning: Product performance is the most important factor for successful sales in the seed industry. Therefore it’s important to understand the focus markets where product performance is favorable and focus right amount of resources in those geographies
  2. Sales Infrastructure: Seed purchase being a high involvement decision for the farmers requires more than just “Distributor management” to achieve targets. For effective conversions, reaching sufficient Retailers, Nurseries and Farmers and communicating the right value proposition at the right time is key.
  3. Sales Team Productivity and Effectiveness Tools: To ensure that the Sales team puts the right amount of efforts to achieve results, their time needs to be effectively planned and utilized. Due to the low skill levels of the farmer and retailer-facing sales team members, communicating the value proposition becomes a challenge. They needed to be equipped with the right tools to be able to convert customers.

Results Achieved

In the pilot areas, the trade and farmer reach were more than doubled. Effective planning and review systems were put in place at different levels of the organization.

At a Glance

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