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Primary & Secondary Steel
Building Materials
Throughput Improvement
Vertical : Primary & Secondary Steel

Sub-industry : Building Materials

Product : TMT-Bars

Project category : Throughput Improvement


Moira Sariya is the leading TMT bar supplier in Central India with its wide network of more than 550+ dealers and 250+ exclusive dealers spread across the region.

Problem Context

The company had become a leader in Central India due to its strong brand name, high quality products and strong dealer network. The leadership team saw opportunity in improving the throughput, which would further improve profitability and deliveries.

Services Offered

A Throughput Improvement program was executed in one of the key units.

Key Levers for Improvements

A thorough analysis of the 3 sections in TMT-bars manufacturing – The furnace, Caster and Mill was done to identify the key levers for improvements:

  1. Improvement in Furnace throughput:
    1. Ensuring Cycle Time Compliance: Different types of scraps were found to have different impact on furnace productivity. A team worked on categorizing the different types of scraps and creating a scrap storage, handling and charging SOP to ensure heat preparation within the stipulated times. This along with the Short Interval Control system helped bring disciplined heat preparation cycle compliance.
    2. Improving Charge Quality: Identification of the right mix of scrap type helps achieve chemistry Right-first-time or keep the deviations to the minimum thus saving time.
  2. Improving Casting Quality: The team identified all factors affecting Casting Quality and set up control systems to improve casting quality. This also led to improvements in the speed of casting.
  3. Improving Mill efficiency to handle improved throughput at Caster: Quick changeovers and improved Mill equipment reliability through improved maintenance practices helped increase Mill efficiency.

Results Achieved

a) Significant improvements in throughput and quality improvements were realized

b) Clarity in Roles and Responsibilities and coaching helped bring about significant improvement in the culture of the organization

At a Glance

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