Project category
Discrete Manufacturing
Process Control Automation Devices
End-to-End Order Execution Process Re-engineering
Vertical : Discrete Manufacturing

Sub-industry : Electronics

Product : Process Control Automation Devices

Project category : End-to-End Order Execution Process Re-engineering


General Industrial Controls Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of Process Control Automation devices based out of Pune.

Problem Context

In a complex environment involving huge variety of products, high variability and low predictability, it becomes extremely difficult for the production function to keep up with customer expectations. Often this leads to customer discontent and order losses. General Industrial Controls, facing the same predicament, involved LFC to streamline its processes.

LFC’s systematic approach of breaking down complex problems into smaller pieces and addressing them by implementing management control systems at all levels, enabled us to deliver significant value to our customers by achieving 90% OTP without any additional capital expenditure.

Ojas S Chordiya
Joint MD, GIC

Services Offered

A Diagnosis Study was followed by Implementation of the Centralized planning system and an Operational Excellence program in GIC’s Pune factory.

Key Levers for Improvements

A complete Value-chain analysis was done to identify the focus work streams and key levers for transformative growth.

  1. Defined Production strategy. Categorizing MTS and MTOs for all the 1600+ SKUs from past demand and order book analysis helped make firm production plans.
  2. Defining the Order Lead Time helped give right commitments to customers for low frequency-high lead time items.
  3. Optimizing the cycle times, Line balancing and man power fixation at work stations helped in more predictable production plan compliance.
  4. Defining the Change over matrix helped reduce time losses between production runs
  5. A comprehensive procurement strategy set up for availability of parts while keeping control on inventory.
  6. Defining scientific stocking norms for all the SKUs helped reduce stock outs.

Results Achieved

137% Increase in On Time Performance

60% Assembly Line Throughput Improvement

52% improvement in Bottleneck Machine utilization

At a Glance

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