Vikas started his career in an Ecommerce Company - Yerrha Ebuzz, Delhi. He worked there for 2 years before he started his Management Education post which he started his Management Consulting career in Levers for Change.

During this consulting period, he had also worked in other industry verticals like Metals & Mining (Lead manufacturing), Manufacturing (PVC pipes) and Textile (Garment manufacturing).

In the past, he helped a Hybrid Seeds Manufacturing Company to increase their sales efficiency by structuring a Market making activity plan. He also helped develop an inventory management tool to mitigate stock-outs of critical spare parts for a Textile Company which will reduce the downtime of Machines; availability improvement of critical Machinery to increase the production by 50%. He had also worked in sales project for a PVC pipes manufacturing company in developing strategy for venturing into new market and expanding the reach of its business and product portfolio by introducing new products in existing established markets.

In his free time, he loves watching action movies, playing/watching Football matches, listening to classic Hindi movie songs and catching up on online shows. He also loves to spend time with family and friends and make Travel plans along with some adventure sport