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Vignesh started his career in Revathi Equipments Ltd, Coimbatore. He worked there for 2 years before he started his Management Consulting career in Levers for Change. He is associated with LFC for around 4.5 years.

During this consulting period, he had also worked in other industry verticals like Automobile, Cement, Construction (Power transmission lines, Railway lines), Education, Food (Flour mill), Foundry, Manufacturing (Aluminum foil, Coin Blanks, Pumps, Felt, Steel bars, Coils & wires) and Textile (Garment manufacturing).

Vignesh has also worked in a sales environment where he helped a Dubai based steel pipe trading company by increasing their sales by 23% through implementation of sales productivity systems and strategic solutions. One of his other highlights include taking a mid-sized engineering firm and developing the capability to ramp up the throughput rate by 120% in 30 weeks.

His other projects include a Wire-drawing machine manufacturing company, where he was successful in reducing their turnaround time from 326 days to 120 days. This was an operational excellence initiative covering from Engineering to Dispatch work streams. Similarly, he had helped a blast hole drill-rig manufacturing company to reduce their turnaround time from 220 days to 90 days.

Apart from work, he admires and has a great zeal for Nature and Art. He believes in the A.R. Rahman quote, “Music takes to some other world, where there is no hatred, rather, only love.” He also loves creating art through sketches and photography.