Omprakash NS


"Transformation program is an introspective tool for an entrepreneur to see through the genuine issues at each level of organization with great amount of objectivity. The clarity that emerges from this objectivity – makes the entrepreneur a super performer. And its very humbling for us to see, all such super performing entrepreneurs - our existing clients - become our vigorous brand ambassadors."

Omprakash, as General Partner of LFC is responsible for overall client experience and satisfaction of all valued clientele of LFC.

One of the founding team member of LFC, he has always felt that the role of an implementation consultant is a perfect fit for the personality he holds. He brings rigor in achieving clarity & deep dives to drive actions impatiently, to achieve objectives.

Over a decade of his consulting journey – he has delivered manufacturing turnarounds across geographies and cultures: India, South Asia, Middle East Asia.

Prior to joining LFC, Omprakash worked for TVS industries, PepsiCo, Thermax India and Renoir Consulting.

For Omprakash, the Organization comes first (over and above the top client). His only way of measuring success in a transformation initiative is; an open acknowledgment from the front line of the client organization that ‘they now work at high productivity, but more relaxed!’

At LFC, Omprakash leads transformation and turnaround programs with special focus on manufacturing performance transformation. Has successfully executed both manufacturing and sales assignments with companies across various industries like Automobiles, Agricultural inputs, Discrete manufacturing, Large process industries (Refineries, Oil & Gas), Steel and value-added products, Plastic and films, Cements, Spinning Mills, Fabric, Electrical and Electronic controls. He’s also responsible for investments and profitability decisions within LFC

It’s his singular focus on delivering uncompromising big results to the clients – made the foundation of success for LFC as a consulting firm.

Prior to joining LFC, Omprakash has worked for TVS industries, PepsiCo, Thermax India and Renoir Consulting.