Indrajeet started his career in Reliance Industries Ltd, Nagothane. He worked there for 2 years as Process Manager. Prior to joining LFC, he worked at Piramal Enterprise Ltd, Mumbai and worked for 2 years as Operations Manager. Currently, he is an Associate with LFC.

In the past, he helped a leading TMT bars manufacturing company by developing a diagnostic pack to understand the processes and to find the problems with the help of information generated by the system. He worked with and guided the operational excellence team as the MD of the company wanted them to have the capability and tools to understand the problematic areas and potential for improvement. The operational excellence team was guided to structure the problem and to conduct studies to collect relevant data and further analyze it to gain insight. He developed improvement potential estimation system for calculating potential improvement and baseline targets for process parameters.

Apart from work, listening to old Hindi movie songs and English Rock music and reading online articles are some of his hobbies.