Gangadharan A


“Consultants are usually referred to as catalysts. But what consulting engagements are is a regeneration program for clients. With a 90% success rate in performance transformation, its humbling and heartening to see how clients and fellow consultants achieve personal success and breach their personal inhibitions."

Gangadharan is our General Partner responsible for overall client experience and satisfaction of all valued clientele of LFC.

He is one of the 3 founding team members of LFC. While working for the world’s second largest implementation consulting firm, he looked at the depth of access to intellectual support that large companies have. Highly capable managers and world-class consulting firms helped develop excellence in their business. The thought of “Why can’t such access and support be made to relatively smaller businesses, which have a larger contribution in nations economic output and employment?” played on his mind.

He is instrumental in helping LFC plan and execute its core objectives successfully.

True to the core values of LFC – delivering performance transformation to relatively small businesses, he believes LFC never acquires a ‘project’, instead acquires a ‘client’. Over a decade, Gangadharan has worked closely with handful of first generation entrepreneurs to help them move the business the next horizon.

He leads transformation and turnaround programs with special focus on sales organizations performance transformation. Has successfully executed both manufacturing and sales assignments with companies across various industries like Automobiles, Agricultural inputs, Discrete manufacturing, Large process industries (Refineries, Pharma, Oil & Gas), Steel and value-added products, Plastic pipes and films, Cements, Small ports and Aviation. He also manages all revenue-processes within LFC.

Prior to joining LFC, Gangadharan worked for Thermax India and Renoir Consulting.

Gangadharan loves to travel for work and leisure. Current affairs, particularly politics and governance excite him the most. His reading habits are selective and conservative. After reading Peter Drucker for a decade, he still believes there’s a lot to read and internalize from the Management Guru.