Yagya Sharma

Associate Consultant

Management Consultant with experience in Metals, Agri, clothing & consumer goods manufacturing and automotive industries in areas of Operational Excellence, sales and marketing performance transformation, business process re-engineering, IT tools & application development, and equipment & facilities maintenance. A go getter and a people’s person who enjoys solving problems and developing solutions while driving the client teams.

"Integral part of LFC culture is the open atmosphere where everyone is working as a team."

My journey at LFC has been very exciting and enriching. After completing my management studies, I worked with multinational organisations such as Tata Motors Limited and Puma SE in maintenance, project management and consulting roles, post which I joined LFC.

I found LFC as a vibrant and dynamic organization, which thrives on working hard but also seeks to provide ample opportunities for the employees to enjoy themselves in the process. My daily routine at LFC is never boring. I solve new problems every day, and learning something new in the process. In fact, every new project feels like I’ve joined a new job.

Right from the start, you will be part of a team making a difference on a business-critical internal project. The responsibility and independence that I get at a very early stage of my careers is something that I really embrace while working at LFC. I am able to see how the business is conducted and also have the chance to see how my slides and daily work come alive and impact the client’s businesses. Generating impact and seeing our recommendations getting implemented is very motivating and rewarding.

The culture at LFC is built on collaboration, performance, and opportunity. People at LFC not only have impressive academic background but also rich character full of talents, passions, opinions and personality. Integral part of LFC culture is the open atmosphere where everyone is working as a team and giving direction or advice to each other, wherever requested. This open-minded approach ensures efficient transfer of knowledge, close collaboration, excellent results and above all a work environment where everyone not only grows professionally, but also become more than just colleagues.

To sum up, working at LFC is a truly rewarding experience, both professionally and personally. Looking back over my time at LFC Consulting Practice, I ask myself if I would do it all over again, and the answer is: Definitely.