LFC-EB-25A19-Careers -03

Manish Manjhi

Associate Consultant

Experienced Management Consultant having domain knowledge in Business Consulting across industry verticals. A smart & social team player who is able to lead and execute projects by adapting to the given situation and delivering results in desired time frame. He specializes in market development, research-based analysis, team management, Lean Six Sigma, Process Optimization & Change Management.

"Interacting with business leaders to working as one with the client, LFC is a place of opportunities."

After a 2 year stint at a healthcare startup, I was looking for better opportunities to further hone my skills and thus I got the opportunity to join LFC. And from then to now, my journey has been great.

From working on half a dozen of projects with LFC, I found that in each project time is very limited and requires huge efforts from the team, which leads me to understand the power of working smartly instead of working hard. It taught me why one should not start working on the problem right away. Instead, one should take a step back and plan the activity first and then go forward to complete the same, which helped me to reduce my time I spend on reworking.

In a typical workday at LFC, one will be responsible for multiple activities, from helping client teams to better understand the issue, identifying possible solutions, backing the solutions with facts by data analysis, to finally implementing the solution by creating a buy-in among the client team. At the end of the day, watching the client team adapting and aligning to our proposed recommendations is a wonderful feeling.