About LFC:

Levers for Change is a Business Transformation Consultancy for organizations looking to increase their profits and grow. We focus on high performance operational improvements & operational turnaround.

Started in 2009, we have completed 25+ implementation programs in India, Africa, Middle-East & South Asia. This includes 5 operational turnaround initiatives.

We are recruiting capable and determined individuals as ‘Analysts’.


  • Good academic track record throughout
  • Bachelors’ degree in Engineering from Tier 1 Institute
  • Post graduate program in Management from reputed institutes
  • Work experience (if any) in manufacturing operations and in the field of business process improvements as internal consultants/ working with other consulting companies preferred
  • Since most of our clients are manufacturing companies, only candidates interested in core manufacturing operations need apply
  • Good analytical abilities and comprehending skills
  • Willingness to work on shop floor initiatives; willingness to travel and work in remote locations

Analyst – Job Description:

The Analyst will be involved in providing objective advice, expertise, guidance and specialist skills with the aim of achieving the target of the project agreed with the client.

The Analyst shall report to the Associate Consultant or Engagement Manager who would be driving the improvement initiative from LFC. He will mainly work with the client to:

  • Map current processes & control systems
  • Identify gaps & areas of improvement
  • Develop new/ modify existing processes/ control systems
  • Drive the client to implement the agreed solutions

The Analyst would operate on wide areas ranging from operations to logistics to sales to services across all industry verticals.

Typical work activities:

The day-to‐day activities of the Analyst would be essentially entrepreneurial in nature and project‐based. Projects can vary in length de- pending on the kind of change involved and the demands of the client.

The team would typically comprise 2-3 members (Analysts, Engagement Manager & Associate Consultants). The analyst should be willing to operate in different places depending on the location of the client. Projects typically would be of the duration of 30-40 weeks.

His deliverables would be:

  • Achieve deliverables of the project along with the Consultants/ Engagement Manager (specifically in the areas assigned to him)
  • Quantify the impact of issues identified
  • Execute implementation plans for work streams allocated to him
  • Identify potential issues that would affect the deliverables of the part of project allocated to him and resolve them along with the Engagement Manager
  • Manage the client team working under him
  • Enhance the skills (e.g. problem identification, problem solving) of the client team working under him.

Typical tasks involve:

The analyst will be doing all tasks similar to the consultant, except in a smaller area and under the continuous guidance of the consultants/ Engagement Managers at each step

  • Carrying out studies on the shop floor & conducting analysis
  • Interviewing client’s employees, management team and others
  • Running brainstorming sessions and facilitating workshops
  • Preparing presentations
  • Conducting training sessions
  • Identifying issues from the studies/available data & guiding the clients team to identify the right issues
  • Formulating and implementing recommendations/solutions
  • Ensuring the client receives the assistance needed to implement the recommendations/ solutions
  • Managing projects during short absences of the project leader
  • Leading and managing those within the team including clients full time resources working on the programme
  • Identify & resolve/escalate behavioral issues in the client team

Base location & travel:

  • Since we work out of the clients’ offices, the analyst may choose a base location of their preference as long as there is good air connectivity to enable travel in short notices
  • The analyst shall travel to the client location for the full duration of the project
  • The analysts are allowed to travel back to their base locations every fortnight. Married employees, when working on projects favorably located with short travel durations, shall be allowed to go back home every weekend.
  • However, there might be exceptions to these guidelines for the first 12 months of joining to ensure more time spent on projects and hence faster learning.


  • Salaries at all levels are on par with implementation consulting industry standards
  • All expenses for travel, stay, Internet and phone bills shall be borne by the company