LFC-EB-25A19-Careers -06

Ankur Kumar

Project Lead

Experienced management consultant having domain knowledge in non-ferrous metal production and mechanics maintenance, with an exposure to production process re engineering - an emotional individual who believes in adding value to every assignment and experimenting with all the options before arriving to conclusions.

"With the spectrum of projects, a career at LFC is both interesting and enriching"

My Journey at Levers for Change, or LFC as we call it, started in May-16, just a week after I finished my MBA, and without even realising 32 months have passed. In these 32 months I got a chance to work in 4 completely different sectors. The spectrum of projects varies from “agricultural related products sales in rural India” to “productivity improvement in highly automated industries”, this should give an essence of how interesting and enriching my career at LFC has been.

Now the question arises, what exactly do we do? Answer is “we solve problems for living” and by solving these problems, we help businesses to remain in businesses, businesses to grow beyond the limits and outgrow themselves. However, the process involves extremely detailed market study followed by tons of data crunching to the extend that your laptop becomes an extended part of your body, spending days in extreme rural areas where seeing a single bar on the cellular phones network bar feels like privilege. Yes, the job has its own hardships but at the end of the day when you see the hard work getting converted into long term strategy and extremely precise actionable points, the satisfaction is incomparable to any other feeling.

At the beginning of any project, the focus is to define a problem or to reach to a crystal-clear problem statement that brings clarity to the top client. The working hours are not bound by the watch or sunset or sunrise. There were times, when I went to sleep at 2 am with a wake-up alarm for 5 am. But then there were times at the middle of a project where I starved for work and felt tired because I had nothing to do. And then there are off days, when I feel carefree and can binge watch Netflix or go shopping at 11:00am. My family members get bored of seeing me at home and neighbours start thinking that I am out of my Job. In short, there are times when we have 48 hours of work to be finished in 24 hours and then there are times when we don’t have any assignment and completely focus on our personal ambitions.

Coming to the perks of the job, it’s very enriching in terms of learning and experience to say the least. We frequently, almost on daily basis, interact with the founders, MDs and CXOs of businesses where they share their vision and their thought process. This itself, gives us great leanings and insights about how to run and shape a business. The greatest perk of all, is the team of LFC. I think very few companies in India address their ex-employees as alumni and LFC is one of them. This itself speaks about the culture of the company. The second and third most frequently called people from my phone are my two team members. This tells how I receive support from them at both personal and professional levels. Sometimes, I even feel that my team members know me more than I do.

To sum-up, every part of this job is exciting and full of learnings for some who wants a challenging role which helps you to groom yourself as a professional. LFC presents to you an ideal environment to learn, perform and grow.