Aashish Sharma

Associate Consultant

"It's not a typical corporate culture but a small family who is committed to bring value to our clients."

In my time at LFC, the experience has been a mix of emotions. There’s a definite visible change I see in myself after working in just 3 projects spread across different sectors and different problems to solve.

Yes, the main objective is to solve the right problem for our clients and largely speaking this is precisely how we solve problems. It all starts with identifying probable causes of a problem, offering sustainable solutions and creating successful pilots for our clients, that's the life cycle of our project. Looks exciting & challenging? But that's more of a macro scheme of things. What I have learned or still in the progress of learning is that, in order to deliver value to client, it is essential to have daily discipline and an approach of solving a problem which of course is easier said than done. Let me help you and demonstrate how we solve a problem at LFC. First, we identify which stakeholders are impacted with the problem, discuss and understand their point of view, collect & analyze data to support all the causes of the problem and then come up with a solution for the problem. That's the day of LFC consultants.

What effort is required for this? Let's be straight, there's lot of hard work, perseverance and patience required. Few days are very hectic and frustrating depending on which stage we are in the project, where we work 12+ hrs in a day. But the best part of my job is to meet and interact with different spectrum of people and it amazes me how all of them look at the problem in different ways. There's a lot of learning and challenge to pull off the project. Therefore, I am grateful of how our management gives us the freedom to work and a support team wherever required. It's not a typical corporate culture but a small family who is committed to bring value to our clients.

Someone said it right "Ideas are easy and awesome but implementation is hard, boring and takes a lot of pain" and that's what LFC does exactly right.