A Business Survey is not just a Business Case…

Initiatives to achieve High performance results or Operational excellence initiatives are not among the run-of-the mill initiatives taken by an organization.

Though the organization might have a culture of continual improvement – when an operational excellence initiative is taken, a substantial jump in the performance is expected from every individual...

When a leader develops a vision, the targets are stretched.

The whole organization needs to be aligned and operate at a different energy level. Significant time and resources are invested.

With all this, the initiative have to significantly pay-off, for the quantum of efforts spent.

That is why; a leader deciding on an operational excellence initiative is not so simple.

Though the leader is convinced about the potential for improvements – his A Team should believe in the case and develop similar conviction. The initiative should also prepare/ coach the entire organization to deliver expected results in the defined time line.

Our Business Survey is an answer for all of these.

  • It brings out issues and levers for improvement
  • It quantifies the possible potential with a legal commitment
  • It builds a compelling case for improvements to the client team
  • It evaluates the preparedness for change within the firm
  • It showcases the consulting team’s capability
  • It provides you an objective & unbiased framework to decide or influence

It is a blue print for the client to achieve high performance improvements

Apart from the above, a Business Survey is an opportunity to assess your operational effectiveness. Because our surveys are conducted on ground zero, they bring to you – the current state clearly, the gap in strategy and policies; policies and execution.

Our business surveys, where high performance business case identified

  • Improve sale by 30% by tapping premium markets in West & South India for Century Pulp & Paper
  • Improve throughput by 18%, which would facilitate financial turnaround for a Hyderabad based Spinning mill
  • Improve throughput by 27% for a coal coking unit, based in Chennai
  • Improve realizations for a construction steel manufacturer; Set up an exclusive sales management process for selling specialized steel
  • Double EBIT for a subsidiary of world’s largest yeast manufacturer
  • Halve order execution lead times and inventory for Coimbatore based gear manufacturer (market leader)
  • Reduce logistics cost per MT by 13% for a regional cement manufacturer (Gujarat)
  • Improve domestic sale by at least 30% for India’s largest refractory manufacturer
  • Double throughput, without major capital investments for Zimbabwe’s largest refiner of soya
  • Reduce order execution lead times by 35% for India’s leading power transmission projects firm
  • Optimize cost of manpower at loading & packing stations for one of the major cement manufacturers
  • Improve throughput by 25% for central India’s largest construction steel manufacturer
  • Reduce cost per MT by 40% for a steel rolling mill with installed capacity of 15,000 MT/month
  • Improve operating profits by at least 30% for a food conversion unit
  • Double throughput for India’s largest LPG bottling unit
  • Increase vessel discharging throughput by 27% for a private berth operator in East India
  • Improve net profits by 23% for a refractory manufacturer in Central India

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